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  What We Do at AutoImpact

  - Advertising & PR
  - Identity Branding
  - Event Management
  - Graphic Design
  - Loyalty Programs
  - Marketing Strategies
  - Promotional Material
  - Sales & Promotion
  - Search Engine Optimisation
  - Website Design & Development

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Time to Deliver

Most people today know that the Internet offers opportunities to increase their profit potential but they arenít sure how to do it or whom to trust.

At AutoImpact, we have a proven track record in Event and Business Management. Not only do we deliver results, we deliver them on time because as the saying goes; failure to deliver on time, is failure to deliver.






Get Motorv8d
Our Motorv8r Automotive Marketing is tailored specifically to the Automotive Tuning and Aftermarket Parts Industry.

Few industries are tougher or more competitive than the automotive industry; with intense competition between companies. With that in mind, it isn't hard to understand why marketing can be the difference between a great year and disaster.

With tough times upon us, many are of the opinion that cost cutting in business is needed to survive. This train of thought has merit but you must cut costs in the right areas. If by cutting costs you decide to stop marketing your business, you are in affect cutting your own throat financially.

In today's market you need a cost effective marketing solution which looks for ways to make a deeper connection with your consumers. Motorv8r helps you evaluate the most marketable features of your business and focus on them to produce results.


Search Engine Optimisation
Having a beautifully laid-out, fully functional website is one thing, but it's useless if people can't find it. Most popular search engines today; such as Google, will eventually find your website and index its content, but several things can be done to not only speed the process, but use it to target specific user groups relating to your services.

Search Engine Optimisation is a process whereby a set of keywords are created and placed within your website to target search engine users who are searching for content related to yours.

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